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Welcome to Colorado Delivers. In partnership with industry and agency leaders, Colorado is moving forward solutions that address the most significant challenges facing manufacturers, producers, and freight and logistics businesses. We welcome your involvement as we work to tell the story of freight in Colorado – why it matters to our economies and communities and what we can do together to make transportation more reliable, more safe, more sustainable, more efficient, and more cost-competitive for businesses and consumers.

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Anything that is grown, mined, or made needs to be moved. From your favorite Colorado craft beer, to Olathe Sweet Corn and Rocky Ford cantaloupes in grocery stores, to the Gypsum board drywall used to construct your home, to the Amazon Prime package you just ordered online – moving products and packages by truck, rail, and air is an ever-present, and often unnoticed, part of our lives.

Colorado’s residents, visitors, and businesses rely on our state’s multimodal transportation systems to move products around the state and to destinations around the globe. But to keep Colorado’s economy competitive and improve quality of life in our communities, we must make the most of our infrastructure and new technologies to make it more safe, efficient, sustainable, and economically competitive for Colorado to deliver.

Together, industry and agency leaders are advancing ideas, solutions, and partnerships to move forward and to help tell the story of freight in Colorado.

In partnership with industry and state and local agencies, Colorado is moving forward solutions that address the most significant challenges facing Colorado’s manufacturers, producers, and freight and logistics businesses. Through Colorado Delivers, CDOT and partners are working on the following strategic action areas:


More than 1/3 of Colorado’s economic output and more than 1 in 6 jobs rely on transporting packages and products on a daily basis. How can transportation investments make Colorado’s economy more competitive and reduce the cost of doing business here?


Trucks in Colorado face over 2.7 million vehicle hours of delay on congested roadways. This adds up to over $98 million in direct costs to businesses and consumers. How can investments in infrastructure and technology or changes in policy make it easier and more reliable to move goods and products in Colorado?


How can system efficiencies and new technologies reduce the environmental impacts of supply chains and freight movements in Colorado? Colorado Delivers is partnering with agencies and businesses around the state to encourage fuel-efficient vehicle technologies and support programs and policies that reduce emissions.


Businesses and consumers depend on safe travel across Colorado’s multimodal transportation system. Crashes result in direct personal and economic impacts to travelers and businesses. How can innovations in technology and infrastructure make traveling in Colorado safer and more secure?

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Colorado Delivers provides the opportunity for partners across the transportation industry, local and regional government, and civic sectors to collaborate on issues critical to Colorado’s economic competitiveness and freight industries.

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